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Who Can Apply For Arms License From NADRA

Who Can Apply For Arms License From NADRA

Who Can Apply For Arms License From NADRA in Pakistan. Every Citizen of Pakistan who has attained the age of Majority.

Procedure for Issuance of Arms License

  1. Fill up Arms License Form
  2. Attach one copy of Identity Card
  3. Get verification from Police Station, DSP and SP concerned on filled up Arms License Form
  4. Applicant himself should appear before the Deputy Commissioner along with the copy of Identity Card
  5. Deputy Commissioner will order for the issuance of Arms License on the form
  6. Pasting of tickets equivalent to Rs. 2000/- for Arms License Form is required
  7. Submit the forms in Arms Licensing Issuing Branch in the D.C. Office. The copy of the license will be issued and applicant will purchase arm from arms dealer. Its entry will be made in the post office and renewal thereof will be made annually with fee.

How To Apply For Renewal of Arms License

  1. Submit Rs. 1,400 in UBL Omni. (Note: this is a non-refundable annual fee for weapon license).
  2. Submit your application for arms / weapon license in your respective district’s Deputy Commissioner Office.
  3. Visit the nearest NADRA center or facilitation center.
  4. Submit original deposit slip.
  5. Submit original copy of old arms license.
  6. Submit two recent passport size photographs.
  7. The applicant will be given a token after complete attestation of their documents.

How to Obtain Computerized Arms License From NADRA

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