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Immigration Consultant Courses | Diploma | Online Program

Immigration Consultant Courses, Diploma, Online Program

Immigration Consultant Courses, Immigration Consultant Diploma, Immigration Consultant Online Programs are available around the world. To qualify for the Immigration Consultant certificate program, students must meet one of the following criteria:
1. A Canadian public two or three-year college diploma or university degree.
2. International diploma or degree that is equivalent to a Canadian college diploma or university degree.

How do I Become an Immigration Consultant

In order to become an immigration consultant professional, you need to get a immigration consultant certification. The Immigration Consultant Diploma Program is structured into ten courses that train students to assess, advise and represent individuals, groups and entities in the immigration process.

How Much do Immigration Consultant Earn in Canada

The average Immigration Consultant salary in Canada is $42,900 per year or $22 per hour. Entry level positions start at $31,639 per year while most experienced workers make up to $52,728 per year.

Immigration Consultant Diploma and Online Program

The Immigration Consultant Diploma program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of opportunities within the immigration consultancy field. During the duration of the program, students learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the profession required to advise and represent potential immigrants before Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Board, and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Admission Requirements : Successful completion of at least two (2) years of post-secondary education or equivalent; or A minimum of two (2) years of related work experience or equivalent; and Satisfactory language test score (passing grade of English or French test set by the education provider). Apply Online

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