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Who is Legal Heir For Father’s Property in Pakistan as Per Law

As per Lawkidunya and according to Inheritance Laws of Pakistan, which are based on Islamic Law for Property Distribution, the legal heirs of the deceased can only include the Spouse, Parents, or Children”.

Blood relatives are the legal and only heirs to any property left to them by their ancestors. All the blood relatives that are direct descendants can receive their share once the owner of the property has died.

What is the Share of Daughters on Father’s Property in Pakistan
Under the rules of succession, the daughters, during the lifetime of their mother, are not entitled to inherit from the estate of their father, and such right accrues to them only after the death of their mother. In other words, the daughters succeed if their mother dies during the lifetime of their father.

Children represent their deceased ancestors, and the senior line of descent always takes precedence over the junior line, within each gender. The right of succession belongs to the eldest son of the reigning sovereign (see heir apparent), and next to the eldest son of the eldest son.

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