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Which Subject is Best For Lawyer in High School

As per Lawkidunya and online research, we recommended classes for law as below
Social Studies Courses.
English Courses.
World Language Courses.
Information Technology (IT) Courses.
Business Education Courses.

Which Course is Best For Law Students in Pakistan

BBA LLB is an integrated undergraduate law degree spanning across five years and ten semesters. The programme is a combination of the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Bachelor of Law degree. Students who pursue this programme have the advantage of acquiring a dual degree in business and law administration.

What is the Best Age For Law School in Pakistan

22-24 year olds
If you’ve already thought about why you want to go to law school, you’ve probably also wondered when to go. According to the Law School Admission Council, 22-24 year old constitute about half of all applicants.

Which Subject is Best For Lawyer in Grade 10

Here below the most famous high school subjects for future lawyers:
Public speaking.
Social studies.
Statistics and data science.
American history and government.

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