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Which Law Courses Best For Students in Pakistan

As per Lawkidunya, here below the best law courses and certificate listed in Pakistan for law students check these courses and to register for the certificate course.
1.Certificates in Laws of Writ & Constitutional Law.
2.Certificate in Civil Remedies for Practitioners.
3.Certificate in Taxation Laws.
4.Certificate in Property & Rent Laws.
5.Certificate in Media & Technology Laws.

Which Universities are Best For Law Course in Pakistan

According to online report, here are the best law universities in Pakistan in 2022 for law courses.
1.Quaid-e-Azam University.
2.University of Lahore.
3.Hamdard University.
4.University of Punjab.
5.International Islamic University.
6.Islamia College University.
7.Bahauddin Zakariya University.
8.Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Which Type of Law Course is Best For Pakistani Students

Here is a list of some of the top diploma courses in law after 12th for aspirants to pursue:
1.Diploma in Corporate Laws & Management.
2.Diploma in Taxation Laws.
3.Diploma in Women Studies & Gender Justice.
4.Diploma in Criminal Law.
5.Diploma in International Laws.
6.Diploma in Labour Laws.
7.Diploma in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare.

How Long is LLB Course in Pakistan

The Latin term LLB stands for “Legum Baccalaureus.” The future of this five-year undergraduate curriculum in Pakistan seems promising. Students can get enrolment in LLB after completing their intermediate.

Which University is No 1 in Pakistan For Law Courses

These institutions are regulated by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC). Currently School of Law, Quaid-i-Azam university, Islamabad has been ranked No. 1 in Pakistan.

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