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What is the Reason For Fighting Corruption as Per Law

Corruption can lead to the theft, wastage, and misuse of scarce resources. It can also entrench elite privilege and inequality, undermining institutions of accountability with lasting consequences. undermining public trust in government. wasting public resources and money. causing injustice through advantaging some at the expense of others. inefficiencies in operations..

Why Is It Important To Fight Corruption as Per Law

Consequently, corruption negatively impacts human development and increases social vulnerabilities. Take the provision of basic services as an example: an estimated US$500 billion in public health spending is lost globally to corruption every year, undermining health services.

What Helps Fight Corruption as Per Law

Improving diplomatic engagement and leveraging foreign assistance resources to achieve anti-corruption policy goals: Diplomatic engagement and foreign assistance, including security assistance, are vital to the United States’ efforts to counter corruption.

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