What is Plea of Alibi

What is Plea of Alibi, According to Criminal Law Cases, the word Plea of Alibi is a form of defense used in Criminal Procedure wherein the accused attempts to prove that he or she was in some other place at the time of alleged offence was committed.

Meaning in Urdu

Bahana Bazii Ki Application

Essentials of Plea of Alibi

Bail granted in Plea of Alibi under section 497 of CrPC, bail can be granted in case of Capital Charge on the Plea of Alibi, if pecullar facts and circumstances of that case no justify.

Legal Definition of Plea Of Alibi

In a criminal action, a defense that the defendant was somewhere other than the scene of the crime when the crime was committed. The fact or state of being somewhere other than the scene of the crime when the crime was committed.

How do you Prove your Alibi

The evidence necessary to demonstrate a strong alibi must be produced by you on defense. This includes any documentation, witnesses, or physical evidence you have that you’ve gathered to prove you were somewhere else when the crime was committed.

What is an Example of an Alibi

In simplest terms, an alibi is merely evidence that demonstrates a defendant in a criminal case was somewhere other than the scene of a crime at the time that the crime occurred. For example, John is charged with killing Steve. John offers evidence that he was in class that day at the time of the murder.

How do you Make a Good Alibi

An alibi can be strengthened with documentary evidence, such as receipts, that establish your presence at a particular location. Ideally you’ll have documents that place you far away from the scene of the crime.

Plea of Alibi at Bail Stage

Plea of alibi raised by the accused and affidavits by 20 advocates sworn in support. Plea held good enough in the circumstances to justify the grant of bail to the accused in a murder case. Alibi plea supported by affidavits does not make out a case of further inquiry, for grant of bail in a murder case.

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