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What is Corporate Law, Meaning, Types, Salary, Career

What is Corporate Law, Meaning, Types, Salary, Career

Corporate Law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses. The term refers to the legal practice of law relating to corporations, or to the theory of corporations.

Types of Corporate Law

In common law countries today, the most commonly addressed forms are:
1. Corporation.
2. Limited company.
3. Unlimited company.
4. Limited liability partnership.
5. Limited partnership.
6. Not-for-profit corporation.
7. Company limited by guarantee.
8. Partnership.

How do you Become a Corporate Lawyer

To be a corporate lawyer, a juris doctorate degree is required. Most corporations prefer their corporate lawyers receive one from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. They must also hold an attorney’s license in order to practice law in the state in which they are employed.

How Much do Corporate Lawyers Earn

Corporate Lawyers make an average of $98,000 annually, but some of the more successful ones can make well into the triple digits in their salaries, while some make as low as $66,000. The average is $98,000 per year.

Is Corporate Law a Good Career

Corporate Law is a powerful and versatile career option with all the qualities to make it an outstanding career option. Both government and private sectors have a plenty of job opportunities. In fact, you can get job opportunities in companies, law firms, banks and many more places.

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