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What is Arrest Warrant

What is Arrest Warrant, Meaning, Types, Procedure, Example

As per Lawkidunya, an Arrest Warrant is a warrant issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the state, which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual, or the search and seizure of an individual’s property.

What is the Meaning of Warrant of Arrest?
arrest warrant (warrant of arrest) n. a judge’s order to law enforcement officers to arrest and bring to jail a person charged with a crime. The warrant is issued upon a sworn declaration by the district attorney, a police officer or an alleged victim that the accused person committed a crime.

Types of Warrants
There are 4 types of warrants that give the police the power to arrest a person:

  1. arrest warrant.
  2. bench warrant.
  3. witness warrant.
  4. surety warrant.

Arrest Warrant Procedure
To obtain a warrant, a police officer typically submits a written affidavit to a judge or magistrate. The affidavit, given under oath, must recite sufficient factual information to establish probable cause that a crime was committed and that the person named in the warrant committed it.

Arrest Warrant Example
An arrest warrant is an official document, signed by a judge (or magistrate), which authorizes a police officer to arrest the person or people named in the warrant. For example, a warrant may state that a suspect can be arrested “only between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.”

When a Warrant is Issued What Happens?
Once a police department has sufficient evidence (probable cause) that a suspect is the most likely candidate for a crime, it will approach a judge to issue an arrest warrant. A warrant for your arrest means a law enforcement officer has the right to take you into custody wherever you are.

Do you go to Jail if you have a Warrant?
If you are picked up on a warrant, you could be held in jail until the court has a hearing on your case, or you could be required to post a high bond and pay court fees. Arrest warrant. Once in custody, you can be held without bail until an arraignment, release hearing, or similar proceeding.

Can you have a Warrant Without Knowing?
Frankly, the answer is yes. While this does not always happen, warrants can be issued through a magistrate without your or even the police’s knowledge until they receive it. A judge or magistrate may issue warrants at any time given there is enough probable cause to merit one.

Do Police have to Show you an Arrest Warrant?
Police do not always need to have an arrest warrant to place you under arrest. If police have probable cause and witness a crime they can arrest you without getting a warrant. Arrest warrants must contain certain information to be valid.

What to do if you Know Someone has a Warrant?
For example, if you know that the warrant is for skipped bail in the city where you reside, call or visit your local police station, rather than the county sheriff’s department, state police or FBI. As someone reporting to law enforcement, you may be asked for your name, address and phone number

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