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What Can Cause of Corruption as Per Law in Pakistan

Among the factors affecting the supply of acts of corruption are (1) the bureaucratic tradition; (2) the level of public sector wages; (3) the penalty systems; (4) institutional controls; (5) the transparency of rules, laws, and processes; and (6) the examples set by the leadership.

Major Causes of Corruption
Greed of money, desires.
Higher levels of market and political monopolization.
Low levels of democracy, weak civil participation and low political transparency.
Higher levels of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structures.
Low press freedom.
Low economic freedom.

What are the Causes of Corruption in Pakistan

As per online sources, Police was observed as the most corrupt sector survey by Transparency International (TI). This situation has persisted since the graft watchdog’s survey, in which it was noted that the major cause for corruption in this sector was due to a lack of accountability and merit, and low salaries.

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