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What are the Legal Effects of Res Judicata as Per Law

As per Lawkidunya, Legal Effects of Res Judicata as Per Law in Pakistan is that, it is considered as final because the original decision is final and binding upon the parties. In other terms, res judicata implies that the subject matter of a judgment cannot be relitigated as a judgment is final and binding between the parties, subject to any available appeal or challenge.

Res judicata prohibits a second action on previously litigated matters as a whole and cause of actions/claims spawning from similar subject matter. Alternatively, collateral estoppel prevents additional litigation of “particular issues” within previously resolved in prior cases.

Actual Res judicata: A final judicial discussion of a court of competent jurisdiction once pronounced between parties/litigants, cannot be contradicted by anyone, as against any other of such parties in any subsequent litigation between the same parties respecting the same subject matter.

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