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What are the Laws of Transplantation in Pakistan

Organ Transplant law does not allow exchange of money between the donor and the recipient. According to the Act, the unrelated donor has to file an affidavit in the court of a magistrate stating that the organ is being donated out of affection.

WHO Guidelines For Organ Transplantation as Per Law
Cells, tissues and organs may be removed from the bodies of deceased persons for the purpose of transplantation if: (a) any consent required by law is obtained, and (b) there is no reason to believe that the deceased person objected to such removal. Consent is the ethical cornerstone of all medical interventions.

Is Organ Transplant Legal in Pakistan
No transplantation of a human organ and tissue from a donor other than defined in sub-section (1) of section 3 shall be carried out without prior permission of the appropriate Evaluation Committee and only at such medical institutions and hospitals which have been notified under sub-section (3) of section 6;

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