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What to do in California if Hit by Uninsured Driver

What to do in California if Hit by Uninsured Driver

As per Lawkidunya, what to do after a crash with an uninsured driver in California, here are some steps, Call the police. One of the first things to do after any traffic accident, after seeking medical help for anyone who is seriously injured, is to call the police.
Trade information with the other driver.
Take pictures.
Call your insurance company.
Call a lawyer.

What Happens if hit by Uninsured Driver?
If the responsible party is uninsured. In accidents involving an uninsured driver, the MIB advises that the accident should be reported to the police within 14 days for claims involving personal injury. For claims involving damage to property, such as damage to your car, get in touch within five days.

Can an Uninsured Driver Sue an Insured Driver?
Your ability to sue in no-fault states is restricted you typically can’t sue the other driver unless you suffered serious injuries and/or incurred medical bills over a certain amount. If you live in a traditional negligence state, you may file a lawsuit against the uninsured driver.

Can you Sue an Uninsured Driver UK?
Compensation for victims of uninsured or hit and run drivers. You may be able to claim compensation from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau ( MIB ) if you’ve been injured

What if at Fault Driver has no Insurance?
You can pay extra to add uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage to your policy. If your state has no-fault laws, each driver or his insurance pays for that driver’s and his passengers’ injuries or damages, no matter who is at fault. Most no-fault states allow you to sue the other driver for severe damages.

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