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Time For Solemnizing Marriage in Christian Marriage Act 1872

According to Christian Marriage Act 1872, every marriage under this Act shall be solemnized between the hours of six in the morning and seven in the evening: Provided that nothing in this section shall apply to—

(1) a Clergyman of the Church of England solemnizing a marriage under a special license permitting him to do so at any hour other than between six in the morning and seven in the evening, under the hand and seal of the Anglican Bishop of the Commissary, or

(2) a Clergyman of the Church of Rome solemnizing a marriage between the hours of seven in the evening and six in the morning, when he has received a general or special license in that behalf from the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese or Vicariate in which such marriage is so solemnized, or from such person as the same Bishop has authorized to grant such license, or

(3) a Clergyman of the church of Scotland solemnizing a marriage according to the rule, rites, ceremonies and customs of the Church of Scotland.

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