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Insurance Requirements Related to Temporary Workers

Insurance Requirements Related to Temporary Workers

As per Law, Temporary Workers Compensation Insurance provides insurance coverage when accidents happen at the workplace. You must provide workers’ compensation insurance for your in-house employees, as well as for the temporary workers that you place with other firms.

Are Temporary Employees Covered by Workers Compensation?
When an organization hires a temporary worker who is employed by a temporary agency, that agency is normally covered by the workers’ compensation benefits it has on its employees. But a client company may not be covered. A client company can be sued by the injured party under the company’s general liability policy.

Do you need a License to start a Staffing Agency?
Then register your staffing agency’s name at the designated local office, file your articles of incorporation with the secretary of state, and pay any required registration fees. To legally place employees in specialized industries such as health care, staffing companies may also need to secure additional licensing.

How does Workman’s Comp Work Through Temp Services?
Generally, temporary agencies are required to maintain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. However, state laws may differ on who is directly responsible for a workplace injury when the employee is injured on a work site. Injured person is employed by the temp agency.

Are Seasonal Employees Eligible for Workers Compensation?
If you are a seasonal employee, you are still protected by your company’s workers compensation insurance. Full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees are all treated equally when injured during the course of employment. Many seasonal employees use temp agencies to find employment.

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