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Tax Attorney or Lawyer, Meaning, Worth, Salary, Qualifications

Tax Attorney or Lawyer, Meaning, Worth, Salary, Qualifications

Tax Attorney or Lawyers are specialists in federal, state, and municipal rules and policies pertaining to tax liability and the process of taxation as it relates to estate transfers, material and intellectual property acquisitions, income from all sources, and business transactions of all kinds.

Tax Attorney or Lawyer Worth

The majority of Tax Attorneys charge by the hour. Every attorney will charge a different hourly rate, but most rates are between $200 to $400 per hour. Highly experienced attorneys or attorneys working in big firms in large cities can charge more than $1,000 per hour.

Tax Attorney or Lawyer Salary

Like any job, experience affects salaries, and tax lawyers are no exception. Those just starting out earn an average of $69,300 a year, according to the website But starting salaries can range anywhere between $55,440 and $83,160 annually. As experience increases, so do salaries.

Tax Attorney or Lawyer Qualifications

There is a specific educational path mapped out for those interested in becoming tax lawyers. Tax law is a lot different than Family Law and does not involve as much personal interaction. But there are more numbers involved and that’s why it’s important to have a strong background that will prepare students for what they will face as future tax lawyers. The following education requirements will be needed in order to start practicing as a tax lawyer:
1. Bachelor’s Degree
3. Law School Admission
4. Juris Doctor Law Degree
6. Bar Examination
The first step on that path is to earn a bachelor’s degree. There is no specification in terms of which undergraduate degree should be earned. However, to adequately prepare for what lies ahead. Most undergrads major in Business or Accounting.

Tax Attorney or Tax Lawyer Differences

The term lawyer (or attorney) means that you are not just working out the optimal numbers – you are engaging in a legal battle with the government. Tax attorneys are first and foremost lawyers who specialize in the technical field of tax law. Attorneys are legal professionals that must have a Juris Doctor degree, commonly referred to as a J.D. and they must be admitted to the state bar. Some tax attorneys also have backgrounds in accounting, although they don’t involve themselves with actually preparing tax returns.

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