Section 302,324,148,149 PPC, 2000 PCrLJ 1171, Case Laws

Section 302,324,148,149 PPC, 2000 PCrLJ 1171, Case Laws and Latest Citations regarding Section 302/324/148/149 PPC. Section 497(5) CrPC. Accused having been charged for the abetment of the offence only, their involvement in the conspiracy had to be proved at the trial and their case required further inquiry. Accused being not present on the spot at the time of occurrence, their case stood at a lower footing than the case of accused persons instigating their companions to comit the crime being themselves present on the spot. Prosecution witnesses, despite having the knowledge of conspiracy being hatched did not report the matter to police immediately and kept mum for three days for which no explanation was available on record. Sessions court had granted bail to accused after appreciating the material available on record exercising its discretion properly in accordance with the guidelines provided by superior courts and its order was neither perverse nor arbitrary. No strong and exceptional grounds available requiring cancellation of bail. Bail Cancellation Refused

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