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Section 19 Speculation Business in Income Tax Ordinance

As per Lawkidunya (1) Where a person carries on a speculation business –
(a) that business shall be treated as distinct and separate from any other business carried on 6[by]the person;
(b) this Part shall apply separately to the speculation business and the other business of the person; b head “Income from Business” for that year; and
(e) any loss of the person arising from the speculation business sustained for a tax year computed in accordance with this Part shall be dealt with under section 58.
(2) In this section, “speculation business” means any business in which a contract for the purchase and sale of any commodity (including 7[stocks] and shares) is periodically or ultimately settled otherwise than by the actual delivery or transfer of the commodity, but does not include a business in which —
(a) a contract in respect of raw materials or merchandise is entered into by a person in the course of a manufacturing or mercantile business to guard against loss through future price fluctuations for the purpose of fulfilling the person’s other contracts for the actual delivery of the goods to be manufactured or merchandise to be sold;
(b) a contract in respect of stocks and shares is entered into by a dealer or investor therein to guard against loss in the person’s holding of stocks and shares through price fluctuations; or
(c) a contract is entered into by a member of a forward market or stock exchange in the course of any transaction in the nature of jobbing 1[arbitrage] to guard against any loss which may arise in the ordinary course of the person’s business as such member.

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