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Section 103 CrPC Search to be Made in Presence of Witnesses

Section 103 CrPC Search to be Made in Presence of Witnesses

Section 103 CrPC Search to be Made in Presence of Witnesses in CrPC and Lawkidunya,
(1) Before making a search under this chapter, the officer or other person about to make it shall call upon two or more respectable inhabitants of the locality in which the place to be searched is situate to attend and witness the search and may issue an order in writing to them or any of them so to do.
(2) The search shall be made in their presence, and a list of all things seized in the course of such search and of the places in which they are respectively found shall be prepared by such officer or other person signed by such witnesses; but no person witnessing a search under this section shall be required to attend the Court as a witness of the search unless specially summoned by it.
(3) Occupant of place searched may attend: The occupant of the place searched, or some person in this behalf, shall, in every instance, be permitted to attend during the search, and a copy of the list prepared under this section, signed by the said witnesses, shall be delivered to such occupant or person at his request.
(4) When any person is searched under Section 102, sub-section (3), a list of all things taken possession of shall be prepared, and a copy thereof shall be delivered to such person, at his request.
(5) Any person who, without reasonable cause, refuses or neglects to attend and witness a search under this section, when called upon to do so by any order in writing delivered or tendered to him, shall be deemed to have committed an offence under Section 187 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Search to be Made in Presence of Witnesses

In all cases, you must declare, in the presence of two qualified witnesses of full age, that the document is your will, and you must then sign it. After you have signed the will, the witnesses must also sign and initial it in your presence. You do not need to disclose the contents of your will to the witnesses.

Provisions of Section 103 in CrPC

Provisions of this section apply to a case where the police conducts search of a house or place to recover an article for which search is to be made and not to a case where anything is to be discovered in consequence of the information given by or on the pointation of the accused, relevant under Art.

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