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The Right to Compensation for Plane Crash Victims

The Right to Compensation for Plane Crash Victims

You’re legally entitled to get compensation if the delay is the airline’s responsibility and either: the replacement flight delays your arrival by 2 or more hours. your flight was cancelled at least 7 days before departure.

Airline compensation for death, According to Article 21 of the Montreal Convention, in case of death of passengers, the airline is liable to pay up to 1,13,100 Special Drawing Rights for each passenger. This works out to approximately $1,74,000 at current rates. If there is demand for compensation higher than this limit, the airline can contest it.

How much does an Airline Pay for Death
An international treaty known as the Montreal Convention creates a system of airline liability for injuries and deaths. It guarantees a minimum level of compensation for families — currently about $174,000.

Aviation Accident Compensation
Compensation for Injuries that Occur Whilst on Planes. Airlines and tour operators include terms in their contracts of carriage which allow them to rely on the Montreal Convention if a passenger has an accident or suffers an injury whilst onboard a flight or during the process of embarkation or disembarkation.

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