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Right of Appeal, Persons Eligible to Appeal in Law

Right of Appeal in Law, Persons Eligible to Appeal in Law

Right of Appeal a decision is limited to those parties to the proceeding who are aggrieved by the decision because it has a direct and adverse effect upon their persons or property.

Most appeals arise on account of disagreement between the Taxpayer and the Tax Collectors (Inland Revenue department) regarding the quantification of the taxable income and tax liability thereon as well as levy of default surcharge, penalties, etc.

To resolve such disagreements, law lays down the procedure, which gives the taxpayer right of appeal before the Commissioner (appeals) and if still not satisfied, a further right of appeal before the Appellate Tribunal and Higher Courts of the country.

Persons Eligible to Appeal

Any person dissatisfied with any order passed by a Commissioner/Officer Inland Revenue has the right of appeal.

In case of an Individual, the Individual himself; in case of an Association of Person (AOP), any partner or member of the association; and in case of a Company the principal officer.

In case of a deceased individual, the legal representatives of the deceased; and in case of an individual under legal disability or a nonresident person, his/her/it’s “representative”.

Requirements For Making an Appeal

In order to make an appeal person has to submit the tax due along with the return of income, on the basis of income declared.

Time Limit for Making an Appeal

Time limit for filing an appeal before the Commissioner (appeals) is thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of notice of demand relating to an assessment, penalty or any other order. For further information, consult Income Tax Appeals Brochure.

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