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Registeration Procedure as a Taxpayer in Pakistan

As per Lawkidunya, here below the procedure of registration as taxpayer in Pakistan, so for registration of an Individual, the Individual must:
Personally go to any Facilitation Counter of any Tax House;
Take the following documents with him: Original CNIC; Cell phone with SIM registered against his own CNIC; Personal Email address belonging to him;

Difference Between NTN and Registration Number in Law

In case of individuals, 13 digits Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) will be used as NTN or Registration Number. NTN or Registration Number for AOP Associates of Person and Company is the 7 digits NTN received after e-enrolment.

Difference Between NTN and Filer Status in Law

First, let me explain the difference between tax filer and non-filer to answer this question. A tax filer is a person who is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue and has filed income tax returns already with them. On the contrary, a non-filer is a person who has not filed his income tax returns with FBR.

How Do I Check My NTN Registration in FBR

Open the website of FBR Click on the tab “Search Taxpayers“ Click on the tab “NTN Inquiry“ To check NTN number in Pakistan, click on the “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry” option from the left sidebar.

What is Major Benefits of NTN Number in Pakistan

As per Law here below the major benefits of NTN number in Pakistan, actually the NTN is obtained for the purpose of complying with Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise. It is also used in the process of Imports and Exports of goods. For individuals, their CNIC number is now considered as their NTN number. Furthermore, for businesses, their NTN consists of 7 digits business NTN numbers.

Which Documents are Required For NTN in Pakistan

Here below the list of documents which are required for NTN National Tax Number in Pakistan, actually NTN is registered not only just for an individual, it is also registered for business, company, Association of Person (AOP) and for other entities.
For Business:
Color copy of CNIC.
Rent agreement/ownership docs of Office premises.
Latest paid electricity bill.
Phone Number.
Email address.

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