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Recovery of Dower 2013 MLD 247 LHC Case Laws

Recovery of Dower | 2013 MLD 247 | Recovery of Dower Laws

Recovery of Dower 2013 MLD 247 Case Laws, Section 5 & Sched.—Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (VIII of 1961), S.6(5)—Suit for recovery of dower—Deferred dower—Second marriage by husband—Effect—Husband who contracts second marriage without seeking permission from his first wife was bound to immediately pay the entire amount of dower to his first wife irrespective of the fact whether the same was prompt or deferred—Perusal of Nikkahanama of husband with second wife, in the present case, showed that he admitted factum of his earlier marriage to the plaintiff wife and took the stance that he had divorced her—Even if said stance was true, even then husband was bound to pay the amount of dower to the wife if the same was deferred.

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