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Quantum of Damages & Compensation Laws 2008 CLD 1230 Karachi

2008 CLD 1230 Judgment Quantum of Damages & Compensation

2008 CLD 1230 Karachi Judgment Quantum of Damages & Compensation, Defamation…Meaning of Compensation…Defamation is communication to third party of false statement about a person to injure his reputation and to cause personal harm to him…filling of suit for compensation on account of civil action is permissible, if in the case of special nature in which suit for damages, independent of cost awarded in the suit, can be maintained.

Defamation: Onus to prove…If, matter is defamatory the falsity of it is presumed until it is proved to be true…Matter is deemed to be defamatory if is express plaintiff to hatred, ridicule or tends to injure him in his profession or trade
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Meaning of Compensation

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