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Section 322 & 427 PPC Qatl-bis-Sabab 2019 YLR Note 61

2019 YLR Note 61 Judgment Section 322 & 427 PPC Qatl-bis-Sabab

2019 YLR Note 61 Judgment::: The word Qatl-i-Bis-Sabab means, When a person does not intend to cause death of another person or cause harm to another person, and does any unlawful act, which becomes a cause of death of this another person.

S…497(2)…Penal Code…Ss. 322 & 427…Qatl-bis-Sabab, mischief and thereby causing damage to the amount of Rs. 50 or upward…Bail grant of…Further inquiry…Driver of truck lost his life in the incident…Statement of other driver of the truck was on record and the affidavit of one of the legal heirs of the deceased had been submitted before the Court showing his no objection regarding release of the petitioner on bail…Role attributed to the petitioner required further inquiry regarding the culpability in the commission of Qatl-bis-Sabab after recording evidence of the prosecution…Punishment provided under Sec, 322 PPC was payment of Diyat only…Petitioner had made out a case of further inquiry as envisaged under Sec. 497(2) CrPC…Bail was granted to the petitioner, in circumstances.
Main Ingredients of 2019 YLR Note 61 Judgment:-
1.Section 497(2) CrPC
2.Penal Code
3.Section 322 PPC
4.Section 427 PPC
6.Culpability in the Commission
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