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Why Should You Always Call the Police after a Crash

Why Should You Always Call the Police after a Crash

As per Lawkidunya, the Police report will include all the assessment of the cause of the any accident and the damage done in the crash. Even after a minor accident, you should call the police. If there are no injuries and only minor damage to the vehicles, the police may or may not come to prepare a report.

Should you always call the Police after a Car Accident?
While it’s always wise to follow our accident checklist above, if damage is minor and both driver’s insurance companies agree, calling the police might not be necessary. But you should only agree not to call the police if all of the following are true: No one is injured.

Do you have to call the Police after a Minor Car Accident?
Whether an accident is considered a minor fender-bender or a major collision, calling the police is important and in some states, it’s legally required. If the police can’t come to the scene of the accident, you can go to the nearest police station and complete a report yourself, according to the III.

Should you call the Police after a Fender Bender?
If You Have a Fender-Bender With No Injuries. Should you still call the police even if your accident is just a minor one? However, in many metropolitan areas, the police probably won’t come to the scene of your minor fender-bender. They will simply tell you to exchange information with the other driver.

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