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Plea Of Alibi Case Laws

Plea Of Alibi Case Laws, Latest Case Laws Plea of Alibi,

Plea Of Alibi Case Laws, Plea of Alibi taken by accused in his defence being not convincing had been ruled out of consideration. Plea of alibi taken by accused was false and an afterthought and the same was rejected. Prosecution had successfully proved the case against the accused.

Latest Case Laws Plea of Alibi

NLR 1989 CrLJ 240 Muhammad Awais V/S The State (Karachi).
1995 MLD 1116 Muhammad Iqbal V/S The State (Lahore).
1995 PCrLJ 671 Sultan & another V/S The State (Lahore).
1996 PCrLJ 1373 Misal Khan V/S Tawab Gul & Others (Peshawar).
2008 MLD 533 Atif Abbas V/S The State (Lahore)

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