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Payment of Arrears Amount Case Laws PLJ 2019 Peshawar 187 DB

PLJ 2019 Peshawar 187 DB Extension and Payment of Arrears

PLJ 2019 Peshawar 187 DB Extension and Payment of Arrears, Constitution of Pakistan, 1973–Art. 199–Constitutional Petition–Engagement on relationship–Retainer ship–Application for extension and payment of arrears–Discretion of–Relationship of contract–Contractual obligation–Maintainability–Violation of fundamental right–Petitioner being contract employee cannot force for extension of contract period and under constitutional jurisdiction even this Court cannot force
any statutory body to extend contract–If any services were provided by petitioner to respondent bank, without there being any written employment, that too a verbal direction of bank shall be considered as contractual obligation, if any, shall be determined by Courts of ordinary jurisdiction and not by this Court–Petition was dismissed.

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