What is Framing of Charge, Charge Sheet Judgments & Law Cases

What is Framing of Charge

According to the Criminal Law Cases and section 224 states that, Framing of Charge means drawing up in writing by the honorable Judge or Magistrate in separate prescribed form of charge sheet regarding specific accusation , appeared prima facie, in the materials collected during investigation, against the accused , mentioning therein the detail information of …

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What is Plea of Alibi, Meaning, Essentials, Grounds, Law Cases & Judgments

What is Plea of Alibi

What is Plea of Alibi, According to Criminal Law Cases, the word Plea of Alibi is a form of defense used in Criminal Procedure wherein the accused attempts to prove that he or she was in some other place at the time of alleged offence was committed. Meaning in Urdu Bahana Bazii Ki Application Essentials …

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