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Non-Prosecution Case Laws 2013 CLC Lahore 976

2013 CLC Lahore 976 Non-Prosecution Case Laws

2013 CLC Lahore 976 Non-Prosecution Case Laws, Section 115 civil procedure code (V of 1908) Revision dismissed for non prosecution –principles – civil revision once admitted to hearing could not be dismissed in default because it was the duty of revisional court to see if judgment and decree of subordinate court was based on proper exercise of jurisdiction lawfully vested in it and whether jurisdiction had been exercised legally and without any material irregularity – even if parties to civil revision did not render necessary assistance, the revisional jurisdiction under section 115 CPC would make it imperative for revisional court ot make appropriate order if the judgment and order were found to be in exercise of jurisdiction not vested in law in it or the court had failed to exercise jurisdiction vested in it or has acted in exercise of its jurisdiction illegally or with material irregularity.

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