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What is the Minimum Income to File Taxes

What is the Minimum Income to File Taxes

As per Income Tax Law, single dependents who are under the age of 65 and not blind, you generally must file a federal income tax return if your unearned income (such as from ordinary dividends or taxable interest) was more than $1,050 or if your earned income (such as from wages or salary) was more than $12,000.

What is the Minimum Income to File Taxes in 2019?
When determining whether you need to file a return, you don’t include tax-exempt income. In 2018 for example, if you are under age 65 and single, you must file a tax return if you earn $12,000 or more, which is the 2018 standard deduction for a single taxpayer.

What is the Maximum Income to Qualify for Earned Income Credit 2019?
For those with three or more children, the maximum earned income tax credit for 2018 is $6,431. Families with two qualifying children have a $5,716 maximum credit amount, while those with one qualifying child face a limit of $3,461.

How Much Money do you have to Make to File Taxes in 2019?
Single, under 65 – $12,000. Single, 65 or older – $13,600. Married filing jointly, both spouses under 65 – $24,000

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