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Maintenance During Iddat Period PLD 2015 Lahore 258

PLD 2015 Lahore 258 Maintenance During Iddat Case Laws

PLD 2015 Lahore 258 Maintenance During Iddat Case Laws, Divorced wife’s right to maintenance during period of “Iddat”— concept of maintenance during iddat examined in light of Quranic Verses—- obligation of husband to maintain wife during period of “Iddat” —- scope— Quranic meanings and concepts of “Nafaqah” “mata”, “wa matee o hanna” and “fa anfiqo” meaning “to spend” used in the verses of the Holy Quran revealed the commands of Allah to a Muslim husband rendering him under an obligation to maintain his divorced wife during period of “iddat” as per Injunctions of Islam; which may be a onetime provision or in shape of affordable installments during period of “iddat” — Intent and spirit of commands of Allah was to provide for maintenance to a divorced wife during period of “Iddat” for the simple reason that as per Injunction of Islam; a divorced woman could not remarry during the period of “iddat” — commands of Allah therefore, create a right of maintenance in favor of a divorced wife and an obligation upon a husband to maintain her during period of “iddat” – such right in Pakistan is enforceable by the Family Court which had exclusive jurisdiction under the West Pakistan Family Court Act 1964

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