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LLB Part 3 Notes | LLB Part 2 Notes | LLB Part 1 Notes

LLB Part 3 Notes, LLB Part 2 Notes, LLB Part 1 Notes

Lawkidunya Provided Best Law Notes for LLB Part 3 Notes, LLB Part 2 Notes LLB Part 1 Notes for Law Students for their Final and Semester Exams of Law. Share and download free lecture notes, eBooks, handouts for LLB students of civil law, corporation law, criminal law, international law, Labour.
(1) Preliminary Decree.
(2) Final Decree.
(3) Mesne Profits.
(4) Legal Representatives.
(5) Abatement.
(6) Appeal-able Orders.
(7) Inter-pleader Suit.
(8) Jurisdiction of Civil Court.
(9) Cause of Action.
(10) Precept.
(11) Suit of a civil nature.
(12) Case Decided.
(13) Legal representative.
(14) Consent Decree.
(15) Decree.
(16) Restoration of Suit.
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