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Law Courses in Malaysia and Best Study Law Courses in Malaysia for Law Students, you can expect a 3-year law degree to cost between RM42,000 and RM115,000. Law degrees focus on preparing you with skills and knowledge to work in related industries. The cost of your law education will vary depending on your university’s location. You can find out the cost of studying law in your region below.

Which University is Best For Law in Malaysia

Six best universities to study law in Malaysia
1. Universiti Malaya.
2. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
3. Taylor’s University.
4. Universiti Utara Malaysia.
5. Brickfields Asia College.
6. Advance Tertiary College.

What is Salary of a Lawyer in Malaysia

  1. Kuala Lumpur Lawyer in Kuala Lumpur US$ 30,015
  2. Petaling Jaya Lawyer in Petaling Jaya US$ 26,360
  3. Kuching Lawyer in Kuching US$ 21,822

How Can I Practice Law in Malaysia

Four Steps to Become a Lawyer in Malaysia after SPM or O-Levels
Take a Recognised Pre-University Course.
Earn a law degree from an approved university.
Complete a Bar Vocational Course (BVC) or Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP).

How Become a Lawyer in Malaysia

A Law Degree (Bachelor of Laws) will typically take 3 years to complete. If you select a Law Degree that comes with a professional year, it will require 4 years.

How Can I Good Lawyer in Malaysia

(1) Improve your English, including commercial and legal language skills.
(2) Be thorough, and triple-check everything.
(4) Be organised — task and time management.
(5) Make the most of technology.
(6) Dress the part.
(7) Give careful thought to branding and marketing yourself.

How Many Laws are There in Malaysia

As at February 2016, there are 774 Acts that have been enacted and published under the series of Laws of Malaysia.

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