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What Types of Crimes do Juveniles Commit

What Types of Crimes do Juveniles Commit

Types of Crimes do Juveniles Commit, As a parent, knowing the types of crimes that juveniles commit most frequently can help you take a proactive approach.
Theft. The most common crime committed by a child is theft or larceny.

  1. Vandalism.
  2. Alcohol Offenses.
  3. Disorderly Conduct.
  4. Assault.
  5. Marijuana Possession.
  6. Tobacco Offenses.
  7. Curfew Violations.

Four Main Types of Juvenile Delinquency?
Howard Becker (1966: 226-38) has referred to four types of delinquencies: (a) individual delinquency, (b) group-supported delinquency, (c) organised delinquency, and (d) situational delinquency.

What are the Most Common Youth Crimes?
. One of the most common juvenile crimes is stealing, otherwise known as larceny.
Assault. Another common juvenile crime is assault.
Illegal Purchases.
Other Drug and Alcohol Crimes.
Violent Crimes.
Sexual Offenses.
Status Offenses.

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