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Issuance of Divorce Certificate, Case Laws 2016 YLR 15 LHC

Issuance of Divorce Certificate Case Laws 2016 YLR 15 LHC

Issuance of Divorce Certificate, Latest Case Laws about Issuance of Divorce Certificate for effectiveness of divorce, Read 2016 YLR 15 LHC Case and search Case Laws and Citation on Lawkidunya, Section 7 & 8—West Pakistan Rules made under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, R.3(b)—Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 199—Constitutional petition—Divorce—Shia law—Issuance of certificate for effectiveness of divorce—Scope—Shia personal law of divorce was not so strict so as to make a woman slave of the man who would always remain unable to get divorce without his permission—Wife who had been delegated the right of divorce by the husband could pronounce divorce by sending a notice in writing to the Chairman Union Council—Such notice had to be sent to the Union Council of the union where wife to whom Talaq had been pronounced was residing at the time of the pronouncement of Talaq—Notice had to be sent to the Union Council where Nikah was registered in case of divorce by the wife with delegated powers by the husband—No illegality had been committed while issuing certificate of effectiveness of divorce—Constitutional petition was dismissed in circumstances.

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