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Is Admission a Conclusive Proof | Lawkidunya

As per Lawkidunya, admissions are not conclusive proof of the matters admitted but they may operate as estoppels under the provisions hereinafter contained.

What is Conclusive Proof

As per Lawkidunya, “Conclusive proof” – When one fact is declared by this Act to be conclusive proof of another, the Court shall, on proof of the one fact, regard the other as proved, and shall not allow evidence to be given for the purpose of disproving it.

What is Admission in Qanoon-e-Shahadat

As per Lawkidunya and article 30, Admission is defined as
“An admission is a statement of fact, oral or written which. waves or dispenses with the production of evidence by. considering that the fact asserted by the opponent is true.

Is Expert Evidence Conclusive

As per Lawkidunya, the evidence of expert is not conclusive. The opinion of the expert is not binding upon a judge and that is why the court can refuse to rely on the evidence of an expert if it is not supported by circumstantial evidences. No opinion of an expert is admissible unless he has been examined as witness.

Is Conclusive Proof Rebuttable

As per Lawkidunya, most presumptions are rebuttable, meaning that they are rejected if proven to be false or at least thrown into sufficient doubt by the evidence.
Other presumptions are conclusive, meaning that they must be accepted to be true without any opportunity for rebuttal”.

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