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How Do I Register With FBR – Lawkidunya

As per Lawkidunya,for Registration of an Individual, the Individual must:
Personally go to any Facilitation Counter of any Tax House;
Take the following documents with him: Original CNIC; Cell phone with SIM registered against his own CNIC; Personal Email address belonging to him;

How Do I Register My Small Business With FBR

As per Lawkidunya, here below the major requirements before registration of small business with Federal Board of Revenue FBR.
1.CNIC/NICOP/Passport number.
2.Cell phone number in use.
3.Active e-mail address.
5.Residential address.
6.Accounting period.
7.In case of business income, business name, business address.
8.Principal business activity.

Who is Eligible For Federal Board of Revenue FBR

As per Lawkidunya, the below are eligible Persons for FBR
A full time employer of the taxpayer,
holding at least a bachelor degree.
Masters degree in Commerce.
A retired officer of Sales Tax,
Customs or Federal Excise department who has put in at least 10 years of satisfactory service not lower than post of an Assistant collector.
An accountant.

How Do I Become a Federal Board of Revenue FBR Active filer

As per Lawkidunya and according the terms and conditions of FBR, similarly, to be a part of the Active Tax Payer ATL published on 1st March 2022, a person must have filed a Tax Return for the Tax year 2021.
Restriction on including a person’s name on ATL, if the person has not filed Tax Return by the due date specified by Income Tax authorities was introduced through Finance Act, 2018.

What is the Benefits of FBR Registration

As per Lawkidunya, this is how the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) put you on the list of Active Taxpayers List. After getting your name included in ATL, you will get the privilege of paying lower taxes than the non-filers on financial transactions including different types of bank transactions, sale/purchase of property and vehicle, etc.

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