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How Do I Register My Shop Business As Per Law

As per Lawkidunya, how i register my shop business as per law, so under certain circumstances, it’s possible to conduct business as a sole proprietor without registering your business.
Start Your Business with Shopify
Pick your business name.
Register your business.
Check requirements for each business location.
Register for taxes.
File for any trademarks.

How Can I Register My Shop in Pakistan Under Law

As per Lawkidunya, if any one can start the business and register the shop in Pakistn, then following requirements as below
Obtain PIN for company registration.
Reserve the name, register company, pay incorporation fees, obtain a national tax number(NTN) and register with Excise & Taxation Department of the District (Professional Tax), the SESSI, EOBI and Labour Department of Karachi on the SECP e-portal.

How Much is Business Registration Fees in Pakistan

As per Lawkidunya, the question is that how much Business registration fees in Pakistan, so if you register a business, you need to start it with the authorized capital of at least PKR 100,000, for which SECP charges you PKR 1,800 for online application and PKR 3,500 for offline application submission.

How I Register My Business Name in Pakistan As Per Law

If anyone register the business name in Pakistan as per law, then, Log in to e-services on the SECP website.
Pakistani nationals need a valid CNIC, and foreign nationals need a valid passport.
Select the ‘Fast Track Registration Services (FTRS)’ for same-day registration services.
Provide the required information on the online form and submit it.

How to Register E-commerce Business in Pakistan

As per Lawkidunya, if you register your business in E-commerce in Pakistan, the sign up at and create a digital signature. Reserve a company name which must not be prohibited.
Check the availability. Proceed with filling the form by entering information about your company like address and type of business.

How Do I Register My Business With PTA

As per Lawkidunya, if you want to register the business with PTA, then you applying through online registration system at URL:
PTA will continue to award the consultancies, as per PPRA rules, in accordance with the area of expertise of the registered consultant.

How Much is Business Tax in Pakistan As Per Law

The standard corporate tax rate is 29%. For banking companies, the standard corporate tax rate is 39% (increased from 35% effective 1 July 2022).

How Do I Register My Small Business With FBR

As per Lawkidunya, here below the main requirements before Registration of small business with FBR as per law in Pakistan.
CNIC/NICOP/Passport number.
Cell phone number in use.
Active e-mail address.
Residential address.
Accounting period.
In case of business income. business name. business address.
Principal business activity.

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