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How Can i Get Arms License in Pakistan From NADRA

In Pakistan, licensing for arms comes in two different varieties. The prohibited bore license is used for a fully automatic weapon, and the non-prohibited bore license is for semi-automatic guns and every other firearm.

How Much is Gun License in Pakistan

The process of issuance of NOC by Ministry of Interior normally takes three to four months. A fee of Rs. 10,000 is required to be paid in the bank in the Head of Account Major Head-1300000-Miscellaneous Receipts, Minor Head-1390000-Other Receipts (NES).

Is Islamabad ARM license Open

Good news for those interested in getting arms’ licences as the federal government has lifted the ban it had imposed on these licenses, Daily Times has learnt.

Who Can Apply For Arms Licence in Punjab

Where such is required by a person whom the licensing authority has reason to believe: To be prohibited by the Indian Arms Rules or by any other law for the time being in force from acquiring, having in his possession or carrying any arms or ammunition. To be of unsound mind

Who Can Own a Gun in Pakistan

An applicant must be aged 21 or over and possess a national card. Further checks are also carried out into the history of an individual’s mental health and whether or not the individual has previously committed a criminal offence.

Can 18 Year Old Get Arms License in Pakistan

Subject to Rule 2.3 every citizen of Pakistan having the age not less than 25 years and domiciled in Sindh province shall be eligible to apply for personal arms license.

Can We Carry License Gun in Flight in Pakistan

Prohibited Items for Passengers on All Flights. Guns, firearms and other devices designed to cause serious injury by launching harmful objects or items that could be mistaken for such a device, including: Firearms of all types, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns.

Which Guns are Prohibited in Pakistan

A List of Prohibited Bore (PB) and Non Prohibited Bore (NPB) weapons is shown below.
Shotgun. 12/. 14/. 16 bore including pump action non automatic.
Revolvers/pistols All bores.
Rifles.22 bore non automatic. Focal Persons Public Complaints.

How Many Arms Can you have on One Licence

A Citizen holding an Individual Arms licence ( not a Sports Personal ) is Entitled to hold 3 weapons . Section 4 of the arms act 1959 states no person shall own more than 3 weapons.

NADRA Arms License Procedure | Arms License Application Form

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