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Form of Warrant of Arrest in Law, Types, How Warrants Cancelled

Form of Warrant of Arrest in Law, Types, How Warrants Cancelled

As per Lawkidunya, Arrest Warrant is an official document, signed by a judge (or magistrate), which authorizes a police officer to arrest the person or people named in the warrant. Warrants typically identify the crime for which an arrest has been authorized, and may restrict the manner in which an arrest may be made.

What is a Warrant in Criminal Justice?
A warrant is generally an order that serves as a specific type of authorization, that is, a writ issued by a competent officer, usually a judge or magistrate, which permits an otherwise illegal act that would violate individual rights and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is

Can you Check for Warrants Online?
In several county courts publish active warrants on their website. Some Sheriff’s department websites do the same thing. Perform a web search on your local county court or Sheriff’s department to see if they publish them in your area. You should then be able to quickly see or search to see if you have a warrant.

Types Of Warrants
The purpose of the judicial warrant is to search for evidence of a crime in a place that otherwise would be off limits due to privacy rights. For example, Detective Danny gets a tip from one of his informants that drugs are being sold from a home.

Can a warrant be Cancelled?
If the warrant for your arrest has been recalled, you are no longer wanted by law enforcement, and you will no longer have to worry that you could be arrested at any time. Essentially, having your warrant recalled means it is nullified and declared invalid by the court.

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