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How Filing for Divorce in a Foreign Country

How Filing for Divorce in a Foreign Country
  • As per Lawkidunya, some best steps can be followed for filling the Divorce in Foreign Country.
  • File your mail return receipt with the court to prove that your spouse received your complaint if you were able to serve him by international registered mail.
  • Contact the court where you filed your complaint if your spouse’s country of residence will not accept service by mail.
  • Take your divorce complaint to the post office if your spouse’s country is one that will allow you to serve him by mail.
  • Translate the divorce complaint into the native language of the country in which your spouse resides.
  • Contact the embassy for your spouse’s country of residence. The method for serving your spouse with your divorce papers outside of the United States will depend largely on the laws of his country.

How do I File for Divorce Overseas?
How to File for Divorce If You Got Married Overseas
Find your spouse’s current address.
Research your state’s “long-arm” statute, if the divorce is not consensual, to find out if it empowers local courts with personal jurisdiction over a spouse who lives out of state or overseas.
Complete a divorce petition.
Fill out the summons in duplicate.

Can you Divorce without Separation?
A separation isn’t the same as a divorce. Separation means that you are living apart from your spouse, but you’re still legally married until you get a judgment of divorce from a court (even if you already have a judgment of separation).

Can I get Divorced in Another Country?
If neither spouse was a resident of the country that granted the divorce, the state is not obligated to recognize it. However, if one spouse has established residency in that country, the state may recognize the divorce. States have that same notification requirement even if you’ve filed for divorce in another country.

Can I divorce my Wife Without her Consent?
Some people still believe that this is the case. However, you can get a divorce without the consent of your spouse in every state. Contrary to the myth, one spouse’s lack of consent does not normally delay or complicate a divorce.

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