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Electronic Filling of Income Tax, E-Filling Returns and Statements

Electronic Filling of Income Tax, E-Filling Returns and Statements

Electronic Filling of Income Tax: Pakistan is one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios country, if we compare in worldwide. For the uninitiated, tax-to-GDP ratios are used to assess a country’s development year after year. Government of Pakistan say the higher the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, the higher the amount of tax revenues a government can earn for the same since the value of goods and services it exports have increased.

If we look at Electronic Filling of Income Tax, E-Filling Returns and Statements Procedure then there are two major methods to file your Income Tax Return in Pakistan and become tax filer to save extra berdon of taxes / penalties, at the time of cash withdrawals from banks, registration of Vehicles, saving accounts profits and dividend / Capital gains from stocks / investments.

1. First Method is Manual
2. Second Method is Online Filling

Procedure of Manual Filing Income Tax Return in Pakistan:

First of all, we would like to explain the manual process of filing of Income Tax Return in Pakistan. You must have National Tax Number / NTN for submission of Income Tax Return. Download Income Tax Returns Forms / Purchase Income Tax Return forms from any stationery shops near to Income Tax Offices all over the cities of Pakistan, Fill out the relevant columns or pages, at the end of every page, you must put signature on it and submit physically in any Income Tax office in your relevant City in Pakistan.

Procedure of Online filing of Income Tax Return in Pakistan:

You must have valid CNIC / NTN, register your particulars on FBR database i.e., you will get the User ID, Password and PIN. Login on this website and fill all the relevant columns electronically, and submit your income tax return.

Warning During Submission:
Electronic Income Tax Return is very technical, so always remember, once the tax return submitted, you will not access to revise it, you can only revise with the permission of relevant Tax Authorities.

For Individuals, Get Registered Online with FBR’s E-Enrollment System

As of November last year, FBR issued an SRO that stated that a filer can use their CNIC number as NTN without the need to go through additional hassles related to registering the NTN (National Tax Number). This development has taken the sting out of registering as a tax payer in Pakistan. Here’s how you can register as one:

You’ll have to get your Registration Number and password first via FBR’s e-Enrollment process. To do that, click here to get to the main page of Iris, FBR’s simplified ERP system for tax payer registration.

For Companies and AOPs, NTN Registration is Required

If you are a company/AOP, you can register for NTN (National Tax Number) online. (It’s preferable to use Internet Explorer to do this; there will be problems with Chrome and Mozilla Fox)

Visit the officials link and select the tab E-registration.
Mention your CNIC Number, name and load image
Give your date of birth as per CNIC, your residential address, your activity, land line, mobile number and email address
Since you are filling in the form yourself select the ‘Authorized Representative u/s 172 and then select ‘Self’
Click on ‘Save Registry’
Then in the next column, mention your employers NTN and city of your employment if you are an employee. If a businessman, fill in the details of your business as well.
Your application is complete. Click on ‘Print’ to get a print of the application and sign it.
It will alert you if there is an existing NTN from your previous job. If you still have doubts, use your CNIC number to get it.

You will be allotted an NTN after 2 working days via an email.
Meanwhile, enclose a paid electricity bill, salary certificate and copy of CNIC with the printed application and take it to your concerned RTO office. You will be issued the NTN certificate.

If anybody want to file your Income Tax Return, Sales Tax Returns etc, please contact with us at any time for professional guidance and consultancy.

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