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Extra Judicial Confession Case Laws 2019 YLR 2246

2019 YLR 2246 Judgment or Citation Extra Judicial Confession in Law

2019 YLR 2246 Judgment::: As per Lawkidunya, Extrajudicial Confession means an admission made in proceedings outside court. An extrajudicial confession made by the child would be insufficient to conclude that the child committed the acts alleged in the petition. However it would be sufficient if it is corroborated by other evidence.

Extra Judicial Confession…Reliance…Scope…Extra Judicial Confession could be relied upon if it was supported by some unimpeachable corroborative evidence in order to bring home a conviction.
Main Ingredients of 2019 YLR 2246
Extra Judicial Confession
Unimpeachable Corroborative Evidence
Advocate High Court
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