Recovery of Dowry Articles 2006 SCMR 662 Case Laws

Recovery of Dowry Articles 2006 SCMR 662 Case Laws, Section 5 & Schedule Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Art.199—Constitutional petition—Suit for recovery of dowry articles or value thereof in alternative—Family Court decreed suit partly while declining claim for motorcycle or its value and gold ornaments—Appellate Court dismissed appeal of wife-Plea of wife was that motorcycle was purchased by her father through her brother, which was given to her at the time of marriage and was sold by husband for Rs.50,000—Husband’s plea was that his brother-in-law had offered motorcycle for sale to him, which he purchased being a dealer of motorcycles and subsequently sold to someone else—High Court in Constitutional petition added price of motorcycle (Rs.50,000) to the amount of decree passed by Family Court—Validity—High Court had correctly added price of motorcycle in amount of decree after finding that motorcycle had been given to wife at the time of marriage as a dowry article, which had been sold by husband for Rs.50,000—No illegality or jurisdictional defect was found in impugned judgment—-Controversy was merely factual in nature not involving any question of law—Supreme Court dismissed petition and refused leave to appeal.

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