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Do I Need a Business License in Pakistan – Lawkidunya

yes. Nearly all local governments require that every business within the city or county apply for a basic ‘business license’ and pay a fee.

What Types of Business Licenses are Possible

As per Lawkidunya, the term “business license” can sometimes describe a general operating license, but is often used to refer to several different types of permits. The most common types of business licenses include:

A Business Operating License, also known as a business license
A sales tax license, which allows businesses to sell goods and services
A liquor license, which is necessary if your business sells or distributes alcohol
Speciality licenses, such as for accounting, massage therapy, plumbing or legal counsel

Who is Exempt From Needing a Business License

As per Lawkidunya, many sole proprietors who engage in contract services work may not be required to obtain most business licenses. Examples of occupations that may be exempt include freelance writers, graphic designers, and some gig-economy workers.

What Can Happen If You Operate Without a Business License

As per Lawkidunya, if you are a business owner operating without the required business licenses, you may be subject to fines until you comply. If you fail to get the appropriate licenses, authorities could shut down the business or bring criminal charges, depending on the severity of the violation.

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