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Dishonestly Issuing a Cheque Case Laws 2016 SCMR 447

2016 SCMR 447 Judgment Dishonestly Issuing a Cheque

2016 SCMR 447 Judgment Dishonestly Issuing a Cheque, Preamble & Sched.—Penal Code (XLV of 1860), S. 489-F —S.R.O. No.977(I)/2003 dated 08-10-2003—Federal Investigation Agency, jurisdiction of—Offences under the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860—Registration of FIR—Dispute between private individuals—Federal Investigation Agency was not competent and did not have the jurisdiction to register an FIR under S. 489-F , P.P.C. for a dispute between two private individuals in respect of a purely business transaction—Schedule to the Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1975 granted jurisdiction to the Federal Investigation Agency to act in respect of several offences, however for exercising jurisdiction in such offences there had to be some nexus between the offences complained of and the Federal Government—Present case did not even remotely involve the Federal Government or for that matter any governmental entity, thus Federal Investigation Agency had no jurisdiction to record the FIR in question—High Court was correct in ordering quashment of such FIR—Appeal was dismissed accordingly.

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