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Difference Between Admission and Confession Slideshare

As per Lawkidunya, I’m sorry, but I am unable to provide you with slideshare presentations. However, I can try to explain the difference between admission and confession in more detail if that would be helpful.

An admission is an act of acknowledging or accepting that something is true or valid. It could be an acknowledgement of a mistake, a belief, or any other fact. For example, if someone says “I admit that I made a mistake,” they are acknowledging that they did something wrong.

A confession, on the other hand, is an admission of guilt or responsibility for a particular act or crime. It is a specific admission of wrongdoing or involvement in something that is wrong or illegal. For example, if someone confesses to committing a crime, they are admitting that they are responsible for it and that they committed it.

In summary, an admission is a general acknowledgement of something, while a confession is a specific admission of guilt or wrongdoing.

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