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Sec 9-C Delay in Conclusion of Trial 2019 YLR 54

2019 YLR 54 Judgment Sec 9-C Delay in Conclusion of Trial

2019 YLR 54 Judgment: S…497…Control of Narcotic Substances Act…Ss. 9-C, 14 & 15…Bail grant of… Case of further inquiry… Delay in conclusion of trial…Knowledge of accused…Proof…Accused was arrested for heaving Bilty (Bill of Lading) seeking release of consignment of leather goods which allegedly contained 3200 kilograms of heroin…Validity…Accused had only come with Bilty (Bill of Lading) and consignment was not handed over him…Accused was arrested only because he Bilty (Bill of Lading), in which consignment was mentioned as leather jackets…Prima Facie it was a case of further inquiry as to whether accused himself was involved in change of consignment from leather jackets into contraband items recovered in said consignment by prosecution before even disclosing to accused…Accused was already behind the bars since 2014 and was not required for investigation…Bail was allowed in circumstances.
Main Ingredients of 2019 YLR 54 Judgment:
1.Section 497 CrPC
2.Control of Narcotic Substances Act
3.Section 9 C
4.Section 14 & 15
5.Case of further inquiry
6.Delay in conclusion of trial
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