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Confidential Information in Law

Confidential Information in Law, Examples, Types, Clause, Deffirence

Confidential Information refers to any Information or Document that a Business or Individual wishes not to make public. It can include anything that has been acquired by or made available to an individual or other legal entity in the course of the relationship between the parties.

Examples of Confidential Information?

  1. name, date of birth, age, sex and address.
  2. current contact details of family, guardian etc.
  3. bank details.
  4. medical history or records.
  5. personal care issues.
  6. service records and file progress notes.
  7. individual personal plans.
  8. assessments or reports.

What is Business Confidential Information?

Business Confidential Information means all information, knowledge or data related to the operation of the Business or the Company that is not in the public domain or otherwise publicly available, other than as a result of any action or inaction by a Seller, or that has been treated as confidential by the Company.

How is Confidentiality Protected by Law?

The law generally requires workers to protect the confidential information of their clients. Other laws prevent disclosure of a person’s HIV status. In most cases you mustn’t reveal that someone is HIV positive without their permission.

Types of Confidential Information?

Confidential business information refers to information whose disclosure may harm the Business. Such information may include trade secrets, sales and marketing plans, new product plans, notes associated with patentable inventions, customer and supplier information, financial data, and more.

Example of Breach of Confidentiality?

An example of a breach of confidentiality could be if a freelancer works for a number of clients in the same industry and accidentally emails confidential business information to the wrong client.

Difference Between Sensitive and Confidential Information?

Sensitive and confidential information comes in many forms but is generally any information that you or your organization would not want disclosed. Emails containing private information, Passwords, Personal data (address, social security number, passport number, drivers license number, etc.)

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